While the original club had 10 or more sections, we now have five sections which act as smaller interest clubs within the club.  Check “Newsletter” page for recent events
These include:

EVENING SECTION  .  Members meet at 6:30 pm at a member’s home on the Second Wednesday.

Theme is “A Party with a Purpose” each month.  Members will be asked to contribute various types of donations each month as well as food items to enjoy while we socialize.  Chairman :Rene Cavanaugh

Third Wednesday- Community Center 9:30 A.M.

Section Chairs – Helen Alexander and Clesi Neel


ESO is an honorary educational society that is part of the General Federation of Women’s clubs Education Department. Through ESO members have an opportunity to continue their education as they participate, at their own pace, in the society’s own reading program. COME READ WITH US! For more information go and then to ESO handbook and reading list.  Chairman: Betsy Vernetti

Luncheon is usually served with a reservation.


Every Tuesday @ Diana Saxton  10:00 A.M.
Club members meet in one member’s house each week to make crafts for sale at our annual bazaar. We sit around the kitchen table , have a cup of coffee and have a good time.  Mostly we make items for sale at the Christmas Bazaar.

Chairman:  Diana Saxton

Second Friday, various locations   10;00 A.M.
A fun Section with an emphasis on food and friendship.  We meet from October through June/July (except in November) on the Second Friday of the month.  RSVP to Connie Kinzler at 720 Coronado Ave.

Pearl Szymanski, Chairman ; Betsy Vernetti, and Pat Cummina- CoChairs

4th Wednesday    10:00 A.M.
Various locations.  We enjoy field trips to museums, antique and art galleries,
usually followed by lunch.  We will be lunching in Coronado eateries this year

Clesi Neel