Coroscope May 2015

The May Coroscope is now available, click here to read it.

Hello Ladies,

Attached is the May Coroscope, the final edition with me as the editor. It’s been a pleasure communicating with you on behalf of the club.

Suggestions for 2015-16:

*Coroscope Editor and one who mails them – Have a computer saavy person put the newsletter together and e-mail out. Then, have one of the ladies who requires a hard copy in the mail be the one to print the hard copies, label and mail in a timely matter.

* In 2016-17, I would suggest making a differential in the membership, with those needing mailed copies paying more for stamps and printing. For two years, I have charged CWC only for the cost of stamps, donating all printing and labels. These costs have been far less than in prior years and could go up greatly for 2015-16 if CWC is again paying for printing and labels.

*E-mail list – Assign one person to manage this list, I would suggest Membership or Secretary. This year there were numerous mistakes in the Diretory distributed and I have spent hours trying to get the group above correct. As new members are added, it makes sense tor one preson to manage this list.

*Coroscope editor is not the e-mail conduit for CWC – I was asked many times to send out announcments, not the job of the editor. Again, suggest that the one person in charge of this list who would also serve to send out e-mail correspondence on behalf of members.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Patty Cowan