Club History & Bylaws

The Coronado Woman’s Club was organized on March 5, 1947 by nine women whose names appear in the “Yearbook” as Founders.  At the same time we joined the California Federation of Women’s Clubs and have remained a member ever since.  In November of the following year the CWC was incorporated.  On April 4, 1960, we sponsored the Coronado Junior Woman’s Club, also Federated, which is a very active group of young women.

The official publication of the CWC is the “Coroscope” which is mailed out monthly to each member and emailed to those who have internet access.

The CWC is managed by a Board of Directors consisting of six elected officers, comprising the Executive Committee, and Six directors.

From its inception the CWC has been divided into Sections, which are actually “clubs” within the club.  These smaller groups enable our women to direct their energies to projects of greatest interest to them:

  1.  Arts and Crafts, 2. Travels and Treasures; 3. Creative Cookery; 4. Bridge; 5. Evening Section.  All members are encouraged to participate in one or more of these Sections which are listed by names in the Yearbook.

When the CWC membership was small, the meetings were held in church parish halls and the city council chambers, until such time as we could build and maintain our own clubhouse. Throughout the years, the Ways and Means Committee has been very active and productive.  In 1951 enough money was saved to purchase a building lot for $6,750.  this lot was sold in 1957 for $12,500.  This sum together with the monies accrued from membership dues and the moneymaking projects provided a nucleus of $25,000 for financing the building of a clubhouse at

1735 Strand Way in Coronado, California.

On May 1, 1958, the Coronado City Council granted the Coronado Woman’s Club a 40 year lease on the piece of city-owned property.  It was the Tidelands property located at 1735 Strand Way, which was leased for $1.00 per year rental.  the buildling was financed by using the funds on hand and by voluntary pledge notes purchased by members in ten years.  All of these notes were repaid within the time limit.  Our $80,000 clubhouse was opened for meetings in October 1959.

After the forty year land lease expired, the clubhouse was given to the city of Coronado for use by the city. At this time the CWC agreed to an early end to our lease if the building would be used as Recreation Center. The Club House was demolished and the new Coronado Community Center was built on the land.  At this time our meetings are being held at the Coronado Golf Clubhouse on the first Wednesday of each month.  In 2010 a newly formed Evening Section begain to meet one evening each month in a member’s house.

Coronado Woman’s Club

BYLAWS (currently being revised)